South African-made Toyota Corollas head to Europe

This is a move set to build up the economy of KwaZulu-Natal. The vice chairperson of Toyota Motor Corporation, Mutsuhito Nagasaki said that Toyota South Africa would produce Corollas specifically to be exported to Europe. The statement was made at the meeting with Kwakiutl-Natal Premier Sb Indelible. In his statement, Mr. Nagasaki announced that almost 50 engineers had already been sent to South Africa to help with the manufacturing of the vehicles. He said that Toyota is determined to produce more vehicles in South Africa for exportation to other countries which is vital for South Africa’s economy. Furthermore, he said that they also wanted an increased presence in Japanese automotive parts suppliers in South Africa since the country was considered to be the gateway to the rest of the continent. According to him, they want to make their South African plant more competitive compared to Toyota plants in other countries. He acknowledged that the training of workers would be necessary to achieve, in a bid to ensure the competitiveness of their South African plant. He uttered that if they train more workers, more automotive parts supplier companies will go to South Africa. He also explained that they planned to put up a Toyota Training School in South Africa, which would benefit the company’s employees and create a much needed skills base for growth. The production of the latest model of the Toyota Corolla in South Africa is well in process and will be launched in August this year. In his speech, Mr. Nakagawa further said that they are trying hard to introduce new models of Toyota to be produced is South Africa as well. Premier Ndebele appreciated the assurance shown by the company to South Africa, particularly to KwaZulu-Natal. He said that they appreciate the new investment of more than R4 billion at the plant at Prospection in Durban. Mr. Ndebele said that they would welcome and highly appreciate the development of an Automotive Supplier Park in the province as it is important to accelerate training of the current and future workforce. He added that training is needed all the time for the market elsewhere. Toyota Motor Corporation is the world’s leading automaker. Find more information on toyota corolla car cover.

Find the Best Used Car Deals Online

Used car deals can be some of the best values when it comes to buying a car. Some used cars have low mileage, features and often a lower price than new vehicles. However, you want to make sure you are getting the best used car deals. There are several things to consider when making sure you are getting the best deal. The first thing you want to consider is which model has the greatest depreciation from their original price to the current value. Then you want to consider the performance, safety and reliability of the vehicle. It is important to find the best balance between the quality of the price and the quality of the vehicle. When it comes to comparing the ratings, reliability, reviews, fuel economy, performance and more of a vehicle there is one truly excellent used car deal that you should take advantage of when buying a used vehicle. The best used car from a list of reliable cars covering ten years is the 2008 Toyota Corolla. The current dealer price for the 2008 Toyota Corolla is $13,400 while the original MSRP is $16,415. The Corolla is one of the best small cars within its class, offering excellent fuel economy and reliability. It offers a quick and secure 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine that offers a 29 mile per gallon return for mixed driving. The interior is well done and provides a quiet atmosphere. The trunk offers ample space for storing and the rear seat can be split 60/40 to add additional packing space. In the rear seat that is plenty of comfort so, it is easy for passengers to get in and stay comfortable for long trips. It is best to choose a model that has the optional curtain air bags for added safety. Without this added option, the 2008 Toyota Corolla received a poor side-crash test in the IIHS. Another good optional addition to look for is the electronic stability control. There are many things to look for in used car deals. Moreover, there are plenty of used cars on the market. That is why it is important to carefully consider all your options. You may have a specific vehicle in mind, but keep your mind open to a variety of choices. You may have to compromise on one of your options, but you will still be able to find a specific deal and car that will provide you with everything you need.

Searching For Purchasing A Car Tips Online? Read Ahead For Some Useful Info

Just keep the following points in mind when searching for purchasing a car tips on the Internet. Firstly, searching for a generic phrase like ‘buying a good car’ is probably going to fetch millions of pages with generic and vague advice. On the other hand, searching for “2014 Honda Civic vs 2014 Toyota Corolla” will throw up specific results with precise advice and guidance. Hence, try to be as clear and precise in your searches to get useful assistance on the Internet. Now, the Internet can help you refine your general search parameters into more specific queries. Consider your budget, paying capacity, loan eligibility, preferred car brands, and advice from friends and family members to prepare a shortlist of five to ten cars that suit your requirements. Use social networking websites and online forums to interact with other car buyers and to learn more about their preferences. Complete the comparison and identify the right model before proceeding ahead with the search for negotiation tips. Ignoring this rule may lead to a situation where you have a lot of unstructured information that leads to additional information. If necessary, delegate different research tasks to different members of your family. Let one family member take charge of comparing different models and identifying the right car for your family. Ask another member to compare different car dealers on the Internet to find a dealership that enjoys the reputation of being a professional and customer-friendly enterprise. You can take charge of searching for negotiation tips on the Internet. This will prevent a situation where you are unable to take an informed decision due to incomplete information.

Thirdly, don’t make the mistake of finalizing your decision after a single online search. Many persons start the process of researching for the right car with preconceived notions and biases. If you are in favor of buying a Honda Civic, then the online search results may only tend to reinforce this bias. Instead, start researching as if you are simply browsing for cars with no intention to buy a car in the near future. This will stop you from misinterpreting results. You will not search for information that supports your bias. Rather, you will search for information that helps you form a bias towards a particular car or a specific model. Online forums that allow you to directly interact with car owners is a great place to search for specific queries related to maintenance or mileage or comfort during long drives. Using search engines for such queries may lead to vague and unsatisfactory results. Social media is a great option for local searches about the quality of service offered by your nearest car dealer. From online review sites to your contacts on FB and Twitter, you can accumulate a lot of useful information about local dealers by using social searches instead of search engines. Reputed websites like MSN Auto and Edmunds can help you negotiate with car dealers for better bargains and discounts on your car purchase. You can learn about tips and tricks used by car dealerships to finalize the deal to their advantage. These sites will tell you how car dealerships use false urgency to force buyers into taking a hasty decision or how they recover discounts by offering overpriced accessories when you are excited about buying a new car. You can avoid being taken in by such tactics and take an informed decision at your own convenience. Finally, it is very important to stop online research once you have taken the right decision. Take your own time doing research on the Internet. However, stick to your decision once it has been taken.

Four Frequently Asked Questions about Car Advertising

Here are four frequently asked questions about car advertising that you need to know. Know these, and the answers well enough, and you will be ready to sell your car in the market while realizing bigger dividends from your investment.

Which car makes and models sell better in the market?

By far, Japanese cars like a Toyota make and a Corolla model, or a Honda make and Civic model, are the big sellers, and for a good reason. They are generally more expensive than their American counterparts, so naturally they hold a much higher resale value. For another, the Japs sure know how to make engines that will last and last. For example, a Toyota Corolla you bought in the 1980s could still be running well in 2010 or beyond.

So I cannot charge an arm and a leg for my old Ford Taurus?

While American cars cannot boast of the same prowess, there is a deliberate reason behind this. To quote former American Vice President and now environmental spokesperson extraordinaire Al Gore, no manufacturer would want to make indestructible products. Otherwise, consumers will stick to their old cars for many years, causing an economic slowdown worse than what is being experienced now.

What is the best advertising vehicle to use to sell my car?

Never underestimate the power of car stickers to get rid of that old Ford Focus once and for all. Mobile advertising works, and your car happens to be the best advertising vehicle around, unless of course you love to drive full of junk or you are so cheap you will cover a broken window with plastic wrap.

Is there a cheap way to promote my car online and in print?

Well, there is Craigslist, eBay, or Kijiji, the list goes on and on. Try free ad placements first. If you still do not get any serious buyers, only then should you turn to paid promotion packages. In summary, advertising works if you know how to use it. Do not give up on it, because you just never know. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. Someone somewhere is likely looking for what you have, you just do not know it yet. In the final analysis, only consistent repetition works because of this you-never-know factor.

What to Expect From the 2011 Toyota Matrix

The 2011 Toyota Matrix is the station wagon interpretation of the Toyota Corolla sedan with the additional All Wheel Drive feature. It also has the additional safety feature of the electronic brake override system which is standard in all 2011 Toyota models. The exterior look of the 2011 Matrix received some minor modifications such as the grille, tail lamps and a new wheel design. The inside of the vehicle remains the same save for a few minor changes on the textures used in its design. The base model of the 2011 Matrix will be called the Matrix Standard and it will have a 1.8-liter engine with a 132 horsepower output and 128 pound-feet of torque. The higher level Matrix S and Matrix XRS models will have either a 2.4-liter engine with 158 horsepower output or a 2.5-liter engine with 169 horsepower output. The 2011 model of the Matrix will have a four-speed for the basic 1.8-liter engine while the higher models will have a standard 5-speed manual transmission. All models will have front-wheel drive although the AWD feature is available as an upgrade for the Matrix S model. The interior of the car has modern features such as connectivity options for Bluetooth phone and an iPod. Phone linking via Bluetooth with a modern navigation system allows real-time traffic updates. This modern feature is available as an add-on in some Matrix models. The new Matrix will continue to have a JBL sound system, leather-covered steering wheel with built-in controls for the audio system, satellite radio and a remote keyless entry. Additional standard safety features include 4-wheel anti-lock disc brakes and curtain side airbags for head protection. The convenient features of the 2011 Toyota Yaris are air conditioning, tilt/telescope steering wheel, power windows, additional storage in the center console and a driver’s seat with adjustable height. All models have rear seats that can be split 70/30 to create more space for cargo.The estimated price for the base model of the 2011 Toyota Matrix is at $17,450. This comes with the five-speed manual transmission. The automatic transmission base model is expected to sell at a slightly higher price of $18,260. The manual Matrix S will sell at $19,500 while the automatic will sell at $20,700. The estimated price of the Matrix S AWD will be somewhere around $21,800.